A verandah sweeps around the front and sides of this quaint Farmhouse, which is not only home to the odd farmyard kitten, it also houses a small but robust and charming kitchen.

This compact U- Shaped floorplan highlights that a functional kitchen does not have to be large, to have a big bake-up or to punch out delicious food to feed a crowd.

The layout has maximised the existing space by accommodating full height cabinetry along one wall, housing the fridge on the outer edge for easy access and decent sized pantry and appliance storage. A return workbench doubles up as an easy prepping space, as well as a sitting area for those lazy Sunday morning coffees and breakfast gatherings.

The client opted for the ever-popular shaker style cabinetry to provide a minimialistic profiled detail, giving cleaner lines without compromising its Country Charm. This is a perfect example of "Hand Painted Finish" kitchen cabinetry, which has been purposely painted the same colour as the walls to keep the surface textures the same, giving the impression that the cabinetry is an extension of the walls, which makes it feel and look bigger.

The timber floating shelves add a touch of country and warmth to the white and grey palette, whilst the black fittings and accent pieces add a modern contrast.