Perched high and proud overlooking the City lights of the Peel Valley NSW, this magnificently designed home showcases subtle modernist inflections with clean lines, flat surfaces and fine textures, creating a home that is easy living from Monday to Sunday.

The Homeowners' style is themed and cohesive throughout the home with its moody combination of concrete, dark matt charcoal and woodgrain surfaces. This palette has a very cool and masculine vibe, which is perfect for adding some drama with splashes of saturated colour and structured indoor foliage.

The large galley styled kitchen offers a practical layout, keeping the work zones off to the sides and the entertainment area in the middle. The blend of dark matt charcoal and timber-grain joinery, combined with fingerpull and black handles, creates a sleek, contemporary, refined industrial feel. Although, modern in design it is a flexible style, that will last the test of time.

The bathrooms, laundry, kitchenette and other cabinetry concepts throughout, have also been kept sympathetic to this theme.