“The perfect mix of refined and rustic, old and new, high-end and low-key, Lynda Kerry’s home is a lesson in melding disparate styles to great effect.” – Australian Belle Magazine May 2018 – Words Melissa Penfold – Photos Abbie Melle

Working with Interior Designer Lynda Kerry is always a gratifying experience. We look forward to being challenged by each cabinetry concept and diverse space, that we are presented.

Lynda is best known for delivering a unique Classic American style, focusing on traditional interiors that are timeless but both bold and adventurous. This previous home of Lynda’s at Darling Point Sydney, showcased her love of spacious, well-lit living spaces, inviting entertaining areas and rooms with generous views to the outside.

The white hand painted custom built cabinetry with timber beading and shaker profile, is incorporated throughout the home and creates a neutral backdrop allowing for layering of warm timbers, earthy textures and calming blues.